Specialty Care

VNA of Albany registered nurses provide clinical expertise and oversight to assist patients in managing chronic illnesses. Our nurses provide direct care to patients requiring their expertise, keep current with trends and technology specific to their practice, and provide continuous training to the VNA’s clinical teams.

Specialty care offered includes:

Infusion Therapy

VNA nurses are trained to be proficient in the delivery of infusion therapy for treatments such as antibiotics, intravenous fluids, chemotherapy, ionotropic agents, corticosteroids, opioids, and Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN).

Wound care

Our nurses provide oversight and care for patients who have active wounds or the potential for active wounds as the result of surgery, skin breakdown, disease or injury.

Cardio-Pulmonary/Asthma care

Patients with a diagnosis of CHF, COPD, Asthma, CAD, and chronic pneumonia benefit from the expertise of our registered nurses, who provide clinical care as well as educate patients and their caretakers regarding how to recognize signs, symptoms, and red flags of their cardio-pulmonary disease.


Our nurses have expertise in diabetes management and prevention. They educate and support patients affected by diabetes by teaching them how to understand and manage their condition in order to achieve individualized behavioral and treatment goals. Our registered nutritionist assists with diet education in regards to maintaining proper diet

VNA of Albany also delivers specific care programs that support patient teaching, positive patient outcomes, care transitions, and hospital/ER admission avoidance. Our programs are coordinated for patients by a VNA clinical case manager, who practices under the direction of physician’s orders.

Programs include:

Sub-acute Transition Program

Through our Sub-acute Transition Program, patients are effectively transitioned from the hospital to a sub-acute/Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), and then to VNA home care. Patients who participate in the program are met by VNA Home Care Nurse Coordinators in the hospital prior to their discharge to the SNF to discuss their transfer to the facility, and then to home care. A VNA Clinical Liaison Nurse coordinates with the Social Work staff at the SNF upon admission of the patient, and meets with the patient during their stay in the facility to prepare them for discharge to VNA home care.

Asthma Program

VNA of Albany’s Asthma Education Home Visit Program provides assessment, monitoring and education for patients who have poorly controlled asthma and have had recent hospitalizations and/or emergency room visits due to their asthma. The program is designed to assess the patient and their environment, monitor treatment and effectiveness, and educate patients and their caregivers on disease process, environmental triggers, and self-management.

Medical Social Work Program Amenities

If you find that you are overwhelmed by the system
and are confused or frustrated about what comes next
We are here to walk you through the process in plain terms.

If you need answers or help developing your plan
and need someone who knows how to
trouble shoot and navigate the system
to get you to your goal of protecting independence
We know how to get you there

For a flat hourly fee, you can have access to one-on-one
medical social work attention to help you build a support system right from the comfort of your own home.


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