Patients & Families

If you feel that VNA of Albany skilled nursing or rehabilitative services  (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology) can benefit you or a loved one, contact the patient’s physician. All VNA of Albany services require a physician’s referral in order to initiate services.

The physician will contact the VNA’s Intake Department directly and provide all the required information. Upon receipt of all of this information, a VNA staff person will contact you directly to set-up your first visit.

For more information, call (518) 489-2681.

Frequently asked Questions

Q:  Can I call VNA of Albany directly to receive services?

A:  You can contact us for inquires and information about homecare, and for assistance with contacting your physician for a referral. You will need to communicate directly with your physician and ask to have a referral sent to our Intake Department, because a physician’s referral is required to initiate VNA services.

Q:  What information do I need to provide to my physician and/or physician’s office when I call?

A: Describe the patient’s status, diagnosis, illness(es) and/or change in condition, and a current address and phone number. Ask the physician’s office to call our agency: VNA of Albany, at 518-489-2681, and speak directly with our Intake Department.

Q: Who pays for VNA of Albany services?

A: Most medical insurance covers home healthcare. VNA of Albany will contact your insurance company to confirm coverage and obtain any required authorizations.

Q:  How will I know what services I will receive?

A: During your first visit with a VNA of Albany nurse or therapist, an assessment will be done to determine your plan of care, what services you will receive, and the frequency of the services.

Q: Can I receive supportive services such as a personal care aide or home health care aide?

A: Our affiliate, Visiting Nurses Home Care provides supportive services. Click here for more information or contact them at (518) 694-9907.