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In 1984, the VNA Foundation was established to aid and assist VNA of Albany. Many of our patients have critical needs that our nurses and therapists cannot meet – the need for such necessities as home furnishings, household items, and medical supplies. We have always found a way to help these patients, who often have no other resources. Over the years, the Foundation has supplied patients with many items that have made a significant improvement to their safety and independence. Some are seemingly minor, like bed lifts, tub transfer benches, prescription lock boxes, grab bars, and specialized step stools. Others may be more substantial, such as adjustable recliners, wheelchair ramps, and mechanical lifts. Large or small, what all these items have in common is their ability to dramatically improve the recipient’s quality of life.

Our skilled team of professional nurses, therapists and aides provide support and guidance for patients and their families during vulnerable times. Through the Foundation, they are also able to provide the things that will keep our patients safely in their homes.

The support and generosity of grateful patients, their families, and the community has allowed us to sustain a high level of care to needy patients. We ask that you consider making a donation to our Foundation so that we may continue to serve those in need. Perhaps you’d like to designate your gift in gratitude for care provided to you or a loved one; in memory of a loved one who has passed away; or in honor of what VNA of Albany nurses and therapists provide to our patients on a daily basis.

We appreciate the generosity of all of our donors which supports our mission of providing skilled and compassionate care in the home. Thank you!

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