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VNA_Foundation_iStock_000045984370MediumVNA Foundation was established to aid and assist VNA Home Health. Foundation funds are utilized to provide home health care services to the medically indigent patients served by VNA Home Health. Funding sources for the Foundation include annual appeals, donations from patients and/or their family members in honor of their nurse or therapist or in memory of a loved one, employee donations, and grant solicitations.

We are committed to keeping residents in the comfort of their home as they recuperate from illness. Our skilled team of professional nurses, therapists and aides provide support and guidance for patients and their families during vulnerable times. We teach them how to become independent and confident in caring for themselves or their loved ones as their health improves and most importantly while they continue to experience the joy of living in their home.

It’s your support and generosity that has allowed us to sustain a level of care to needy patients in our community. We ask that you consider making a donation to our Foundation in order that we may continue to serve those in need. Perhaps you’d like to designate your gift as “gratitude” or “in memoriam” for care provided to you or a loved one; or for appreciation of what VNA Home Health provides to our patients on a daily basis.

We appreciate the generosity of all of our donors which supports our mission of providing skilled and compassionate care in the home. Thank you!

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