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VNA_Patients&Families_iStock_000020461842MediumIf you feel that VNA Home Health skilled nursing and/or rehabilitative services (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology) can benefit you or a loved one, contact the patient’s physician. All VNA Home Health services require a physician’s referral in order to initiate services.
The physician will contact the VNA Home Health Intake Department directly and provide all of the required information. Upon receipt of all of the necessary information, a VNA Home Health staff person will contact you directly to set-up your first visit.
For more information, call (518) 489-2681.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Q.  Can I call VNA Home Health directly to receive services?

A.  Yes, you can contact us for inquires and information about homecare. We can assist you in contacting your physician to help set up services. Or you can contact your physician directly and have them send a referral to our Intake Department.

Q.  What information do I need to provide to my physician and/or physician’s office when
      I call?

A.    Describe the patient’s status, diagnosis, illness(es) and/or change in conditions, and
provide the patient’s current address and phone number. Ask the physician’s office to call our agency: VNA Home Health 518-489-2681, and ask them to speak directly with our Intake Department.

Q.  Who pays for VNA Home Health services?

A.  Most insurance covers home health care.  VNA Home Health contacts your insurance
company to confirm coverage and obtain any required authorizations.

Q.  How will I know what services I will receive?

A.  During your first visit with a VNA Home Health nurse or therapist, they will do an
assessment that will determine your plan of care and what services you will receive, and the
frequency of the services.

Q.  What if I require supportive services such as a personal or home health care aide,
      homemaker, companion, private duty registered or licensed practical nurse?

A.    Our affiliate, Visiting Nurses Home Care provides supportive services. Click here for more information or contact them at 518-694-9907.

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